History Hour: Education and Participation

History Hour brings knowledgeable, engaging regional historians to local museums and organizations, either in person or online.

Our standard offering is a monthly Zoom broadcast for county and general history museums that can be shown to a group at your museum (with optional discussion afterwards) or viewed from home by ticketholders. The main presentation is typically recorded to ensure audiovisual quality (functioning maps and images; good sound), with the speaker available afterward to take questions and engage with attendees. This ticketed event is a fundraiser for your museum. Some museums with membership programs choose to offer discounts to members as a perk of membership, which helps promote membership. One museum is highlighted each month. We provide a dedicated ticket sales page for each museum.

We also work with local museums to create local History Hour events held at your facility. Contact us to learn more.

Event Ticketing

Whether you are inviting thousands of people to join you in a special place, or bringing musicians, poets, dancers, or other artists to your community, you need ticketing, waiver signing, and controlled access. You don't necessarily need an expensive package from one of the big-name event ticket sales companies.

We can help you with online ticket sales, waiver signing, name badges, and ticket barcode scanning. Contact us to learn more.

At This Place:
The Medicine Mounds

The Medicine Mounds, pictured above, are four dolomite mounds punctuating the landscape southeast of Quanah, Texas. They have provided water and shelter for plants, animals, and humans for thousands of years.

Both the Downtown Medicine Mound Museum and the Hardeman County Historical Museums in Quanah have information about the Mounds and their history.

Membership Programs

Current tax laws make it more challenging for businesses to sponsor a nonprofit event or organization with a donation than in earlier years. Museums, nonprofits, and historic sites need a strong cadre of public support, and one way to achieve that is with an active, well-executed membership program, reaching out to individuals and families. If your organization doesn't have a membership program, History Partners recommends you consider it.

If you need help, we can provide your own membership page on this site, with the capacity for multiple membership levels, annual membership payments or monthly recurring billing, and automated renewal emails.

We can also help you develop a package of perks for members, including access to our History Hour programs via Zoom or in our recorded archive. Contact us to learn more.